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Porsche Norwell

Gold Meister Technicians

Porsche Norwell has 3 technicians that are currently Porsche Gold Meister Certified. A Gold Meister Technician has to have a minimum of one year experience with Porsche before he is eligible to become a Gold Meister Technician. The candidate must then work his way up from Bronze, Silver to Gold Meister level.
car motor vehicle vehicle
car motor vehicle vehicle
The Gold Meister test is a hands on practical test conducted at Porsche training headquarters once a year it is a pass fail test that includes product knowledge and proper repair documentation. This is the same test standard that is conducted worldwide.

After achieving the Gold Meister standard, the technician has to maintain certification quarterly and attend at least 40 hours of hands on training at Porsche training in Atlanta annually. Porsche Norwell’s three Gold Meister Technicians have truly mastered their craft – the art of taking care of your Porsche.
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Richie Lynam is our shop foreman with decades of German luxury vehicle experience. Richie started his automotive career in 1980. Richie is our go to guy in the shop, Richie can fix anything! Richie has the skills to fix a vintage air cooled Porsche 911 to the latest hybrid Cayenne S. When Richie isn’t working at Porsche Norwell he is spending quality time with his big family!
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John Wilson or “JP” has been in the automotive industry since 2006. JP graduated from Porsche Apprentice program in 2006. JP is an electrical diagnostic wizard with a strong background in computer technology. JP is a fan of all motor sports and is involved in vintage racing. When JP is not here at Porsche Norwell he can be found at many local racetracks or enjoying any outdoor activity.

Jason Stringer, graduated from the Porsche Apprenticeship program in 2013. Jason has been in the Automotive field since 2003. Our youngest and newest Gold Meister technician. Jason is a passionate Porsche perfectionist. When not working on Porsche vehicles he is a major NASCAR fan! And enjoys spending time with his young family.