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Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

Panamera S E-Hybrid
Thrilling Contradictions.



The Panamera S E-Hybrid is a parallel plug-in hybrid. This means that it can be powered by the combustion engine alone, by the electric machine alone or by both units working together. The 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine generates 333 hp, the electric machine 95 hp. Combined, they deliver 416 hp to the road at 5500 rpm. With both drives working together, the new Panamera S E-Hybrid accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. the Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid concept promises one thing above all: sporty performance with utmostefficiency.

8-Speed Tiptronic.
The 8-speed Tiptronic S in the Panamera S E-Hybrid reduces fuel consumption and improves comfort. How? With a particularly wide gear ratio spread. The relatively low engine speeds in the upper gears reduce noise levels in the interior, especially on the motorway. The 8-speed Tiptronic S shifts automatically and adapts to your driving style.

The coasting function enables you to save even more fuel where the situation allows. The engine is decoupled from the transmission to prevent deceleration caused by engine braking. The Panamera S E-Hybrid goes one step further and switches off the engine completely. This achieves a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption with no impact on comfort or sporty performance.

The new lithium-ion-based high-voltage battery of the Panamera S E-Hybrid has more energy content than nickel metal hydride batteries and can be charged from an external source. The operating range of the hybrid drive begins with emissions-free and quiet driving up to a top track speed of around 83 mph, and over a range of up to 15 miles as determined by EPA drive cycle testing.



The new Panamera models feature an exquisite, clearly structured interior offering a high degree of comfort. Designed for driving pleasure and long journeys, for four occupants and their luggage. In the rear, even taller passengers will find plenty of head- and legroom. The rear seats fold down separately to create space for larger items of luggage, including your sports equipment.

With the new Panamera models, the proportions and use of form are typical of any Porsche. The wings are higher than the bonnet and they add muscle at the rear. The roof line tapers down to the rear. The daytime running lights have been integrated into the main headlight units in the form of four LED spotlights. All that's missing is your own interpretation of the Panamera. With 15 exterior colors, an extensive range of leather packages, wheels measuring up to 20 inches and many more options, you can lend your model an unmistakeable character.

Porsche Stability Management.
PSM maintains stability even at the limits of dynamic driving performance. Sensors continuously monitor the direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car. PSM improves traction under acceleration on inconsistent road surfaces.

Braking System.
The Panamera models have a braking system equipped with six-piston aluminum monobloc fixed brake calipers at the front and four-piston units at the rear. The brake discs are slotted and internally vented for enhanced braking performance - even under extreme conditions – and rapid heat dispersal.


Porsche E-Performance.
Direction. Future.

Porsche E-Performance provides answers. Right here and now. Because we need to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide. As a Sports Car manufacturer, we believe that we should begin where we can really make a difference: in the garage and in the everyday lives of our drivers. With a carefully planned concept. So let's get going. Into the future.


The Heart Of E-Performance
The Car
Charging Infrastructure.

In our opinion, an innovative car concept is of no value if it ends with the car. E-Performance therefore includes the infrastructure: an optimally integrated vehicle charge port, practical charging equipment and intelligent charging options, to use at home and on the road.
The system voltage is an incredible 800 V. With Porsche Turbo Charging, loading at 800V at DC charging stations is considerably faster than usual - 0% of the maximum charge level in less than 15 minutes. In other words, in less than 4 minutes the range increases by about 100 km.

The battery can be charged at a conventional public charging station or at home, with a charging cable via the port hidden in the side of the front fender. Even completely without cable and plug: you can simply drive over a base plate in your garage - and inductive charging of the battery begins. Fully automatically.


Driving Modes
Three Unqiue Modes Of Control.
  • E-Power Mode (electric driving) is activated as standard. Every journey starts with electricity alone
  • Fully electric drive with high torque electric motor for an intensive driving experience without using any fuel, e.g. for driving through town or on the way to work
  • With kick-down, the power available from the whole system can be called upon at any time
  • E-Charge mode can be activated by pressing a button
  • The high-voltage battery is charged while driving by the combustion engine which generates more power (principle of changing load point)
  • Useful for charging while driving, e.g. on motorways, for instance when there is a city route coming up where you will want to drive on electricity
  • In Sport mode, the boost is activated when the gas pedal position reaches 80% – combustion engine and electric motor develop the full performance potential together
  • For dynamic driving with a suitable gas pedal characteristic, maximum power and maximum torque